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We only build our rock sliders with high quality, Australian steel. It's proven to be tough in strength while lasting a lifetime. We offer these tube thicknesses - 3.2mm or 4mm tube or 5.6mm.

The 3.2mm tube will give you the strength to get around and will offer guaranteed side rail protection on your 4x4. For the guaranteed strength to get you around any obstacle, the 4mm will give you the durability you're chasing. As for BRUTE STRENGTH the 5mm tube, this beast of a tube is designed for the extra serious 4 wheelers and will handle any obstacle for a lifetime of 'bashings'!

These are precisely engineered to suit most 4WD's and welded with extreme care to get the best strength out of the bonds. We guarantee these are the TOUGHEST on the market, why? because we only use the best Aussie steel! We also offer easy bolt on installation, you will NOT have to grind into or weld any parts of your 4x4 to get that complete protection finish.

For the overall look, we also offer a powder coating service, talk to our staff for more information.

If your vehicle is not listed, we may not have a template for that particular model and may need the vehicle in our work shop for a day or two. 

Please fill out our short form and the team will contact you with more information ROCK SLIDER FORM

Elephant Rock Sliders 3.2 mm (deposit)
Elephant Rock Sliders 4 mm (deposit)
Elephant Rock Sliders 5.4 mm (deposit)
Jumbo Rock Sliders 3.2 mm (deposit)
Jumbo Rock Sliders 4 mm (deposit)
Jumbo Rock Sliders 5.4 mm (deposit)
Mammoth Rock Sliders 3.2mm (deposit)
Mammoth Rock Sliders 4 mm (deposit)
Mammoth Rock Sliders 5.4 mm (deposit)

Recovery Points - Suited to LDV 2018 - Current

Suited to all LDV models (incl. Megatub)

Made with 12 mm thick BISALLOY® steel - Completely manufactured in Australia.

With a load rating of 5 tonne, this low alloy, high strength steel plate has a yield stress three times that of carbon steel, while also featuring low carbon and excellent notch toughness. 

These tow points will assist you in all kinds of situations. Giving no room for movement, these points will stand the test of time while being a strong companion for recoveries. 

Installation consists of 3 bolt holes, which will attach to the front of the chassis, sliding through existing holes on the rail. All bolts and lock nuts will be provided for instant installation. 

Price includes your choice of raw material or coated in our signature - Elephant Orange (pictured below)

**Please contact us if you need more information about fitting as we have recently modified the recovery points to suit most nudge bars and bull bars. Although there may be a slight modification to fit with other accessories. 

Afterpay Available - please call us for more info.

Deliveries Available - $30 Aus wide.


Recovery Points (LDV)

If you do not see your vehicle listed in our tow points list, we may have not completed a template for this model yet. If you are able to come into our workshop for a quick measure up, we could do a set suited to your vehicle. (approx. 3 hours) - Front and rear tow points inquiry form